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BernDesigns-OwnerBern Designs motto is “Let your voice be heard”.

We are a freelance web and graphic design company that conveys clear messaging through design and content creation to help businesses establish a brand, marketing campaigns, and create an internet presence.

As a company you want people to know who you are and the biggest medium to get people to hear the voice of your company is by taking full advantage of the internet. Bernadette Lemberger will grow your business in a fresh way, while keeping in mind the true essence of your company.

Growing up in the Bay Area has allowed Bernadette to embrace her creativity and finds a thrill in being around diversity. Receiving a Fine Arts and Marketing degree from San Francisco State University, has built a strong unique foundation of skills that allows her to design internet marketing campaigns that will impress even the most Type-A expectations.

Bernadette paints, hikes and eats in her spare time. The eating thing is no joke; she has always watched cooking shows and literally plans vacations around the BEST breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots.

Having worked for a big corporation and also working in a small business five years plus gives her the knowledge of the interworking’s in both environments. She finds a lot of hidden opportunities in small businesses and is driven for these company to be heard just like bigger companies, but in a cost effective way. To hear what Bern Designs can do for you, please contact her by emailing her at or call (650) 242-5948.